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08:03 PM  11/17/17 reply  |  re-tweet

$SNAP (Msgs, Twts) dedass’ed

06:53 PM  11/15/17 reply  |  re-tweet

$VX (Msgs, Twts) surges as dollar drops. Just as Vx rolls. Almost Always. Too many cooks in the vol kitchen.

03:54 PM  11/15/17 reply  |  re-tweet

$AAPL (Msgs, Twts) Releasing 3 iPhone’s next year. Makes no sense. iPhone 6S is nearly identical to the 8. The X honestly is a 1200$ gimmick.

11:21 AM  11/15/17 reply  |  re-tweet

Look at it this way. BTC/USD is $1000 or so higher vs the $NQ (Msgs, Twts), can you imagine a two day $2000 bounce or drop in the NQ? No way.

12:16 AM  11/14/17 reply  |  re-tweet

$AAPL (Msgs, Twts) chart updated. The pivot..:

11:37 PM  11/13/17 reply  |  re-tweet

F’ing finally deleted Snapchat. That useless pile of shit. $SNAP (Msgs, Twts)

12:12 PM  11/13/17 reply  |  re-tweet

Goldman: Corporate Balance Sheets Much Weaker Than You Think $SPY (Msgs, Twts)

02:28 PM  11/12/17 reply  |  re-tweet

Alibaba takes record $25Bil on ‘Singles Day’, Processed 256,000 payments per second $BABA (Msgs, Twts)

04:22 PM  11/11/17 reply  |  re-tweet

@Fibozachi @Callum_Thomas Dollar index in purple. Candles $JNK (Msgs, Twts)

04:20 PM  11/11/17 reply  |  re-tweet

The $JCP (Msgs, Twts) chart is a thing of retail beauty. Going. Going. Gone.

12:37 AM  11/11/17 reply  |  re-tweet

College basketball. In China $BABA (Msgs, Twts) @RampCapitalLLC

05:48 PM  11/10/17 reply  |  re-tweet

It’s a business not about Anything but $$

04:54 PM  11/07/17 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @HedgeBz: Oh $SNAP (Msgs, Twts)

12:31 PM  11/03/17 reply  |  re-tweet

RT @sellputs: Twitter is indeed. F^cked. $TWTR (Msgs, Twts)

11:11 PM  11/01/17 reply  |  re-tweet

Twitter is indeed. F^cked. $TWTR (Msgs, Twts)

10:29 PM  11/01/17 reply  |  re-tweet

Congrats Houston. The Ghosts of Enron ^are cheering! $ENE (Msgs, Twts)

07:11 PM  10/30/17 reply  |  re-tweet

$AAPL (Msgs, Twts) literally vertical.

08:54 PM  10/23/17 reply  |  re-tweet

$VIX (Msgs, Twts) +11% - $SPX (Msgs, Twts) down .40% - trigger happy.

02:35 AM  10/18/17 reply  |  re-tweet

why the social media marketing model will fail. $FB (Msgs, Twts) | So. 3 clicks = $50 -the original did better engagement-wise (…

08:38 AM  10/17/17 reply  |  re-tweet

OMG $NQ (Msgs, Twts) futs are red...

09:55 PM  10/08/17 reply  |  re-tweet

$NQ (Msgs, Twts) at all time high. Go ugly early.

01:44 PM  09/28/17 reply  |  re-tweet

What’s funny. If you pre ordered the iPhone 7, your factory warranty expired yesterday. The iPhone 8 released today. $AAPL (Msgs, Twts) — sneaky.

11:48 AM  09/28/17 reply  |  re-tweet

What’s the point of HEDGE fund if the $SPX (Msgs, Twts) gains 15% a year?

09:42 PM  09/27/17 reply  |  re-tweet

The $AAPL (Msgs, Twts) gods listened.

01:22 AM  09/27/17 reply  |  re-tweet

You are silly to think NCAA is not a organized corrupt organization motivated by $$$$$

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