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For Investors, Traders and Stock analysts: provides investors, traders, stock analysts and casual financial markets followers with the in-depth research resource covering largest online financial communities. We cover them in real-time, so you can Watch, Search and Participate!

We bring together two largest financial social communities – financial message boards and stock-related tweets. BoardCentral not only provides tools to access and understand extensive information hidden there, we analyze all stock-related activities and create real-time and historical BuZZ indexes highlighting most searched and discussed stocks in the social financial universe. Investors who watch these indexes know what stocks are "attention worthy", sometimes even before news hits the wire!

BoardCentral delivers topic-specific and aggregated real-time streams of tweets and message boards activities for all OTC and NASDAQ-NYSE-AMEX listed stocks, as well as ETFs and Forex securities.

In today's volatile market, investors have discovered the amazing effect of a single message posted on a stock’s message board. It can drive a company's share price significantly up or it can crash it down. By visiting different message boards and watching Twitter streams, investors can ask questions, post comments and communicate with each other sharing the information commonly not available by any other means. In this real-time world, people with the best information can profit most!

The site caters to the exact needs of two specific market segments: Investors / Traders / Financial Analysts and Financial Publishers / Bloggers. We provide a great platform to deliver your message to one of the most desirable demographic segments of the market – affluent, educated, professional males managing their money on Wall Street and off.

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Organize The Clutter! BoardCentral gets 10 ot of 10 stars from Investimonials. (12/17/09)

Soooo many junk stock message board postings everywhere, this site takes all the most popular message boards and organizes and categorizes all that clutter by stock, popularity, etc...

Small Investor, Bigger Voice (12/02/09)

Message boards, blogs and email have all amplified the voice of investors to the point where it's no longer necessary to be a mogul to get the company's ear. Technology, in the form of online shareholder voting, has even thrown open the doors to annual meetings.

Effective Measures for Having Online Stock Trading Strategies (12/01/09)

Update your knowledge with each and every latest information about the current stock market. The online stock trading communities have got the best weapons to inform its members. These weapons are none other than online stock trading message boards. These message boards put forward information about the latest happenings. As you know that stock market is the most volatile market, you need to keep pace with various ups and downs.

Traders Seek Fortune in AIG, a Stock Once Left for Dead (09/23/09)

Professional traders watch message boards as a barometer of investor sentiment, and monitor stocks for changes in buying patterns. Should the share price begin to rise, they believed, the many speculators who shorted the stock would have to buy the shares they had pledged, sending prices even higher. One more surge in AIG shares would ignite a fierce rally, traders say.

I found a new site for research... (07/24/09)

I found a new site for research - It is kinda like but it is better for overall investor information. I have stopped using stocktwits as their site has no reciprocal value and I am using BoardCentral for an overall market feel.

Why Do We Love the Bad Boys? (06/17/09)

What's the gauge of a stock's popularity? Conventional metrics would include individual ownership levels, trading volume, and perhaps even enrollment in dividend reinvestment plans. However, if we boil this down to American Idol-ish levels of fandom, is there really any better gauge than discussion board activity?

Five Web Tools to Research the Buzz on an ETF (04/24/09)

BoardCentral is currently in Beta testing, but the service is quite useful so it may pick up some steam. Its ticker pages aggregate the latest message board threads on any particular ticker (making it possibly more useful than just visiting the Yahoo! Finance boards directly, which is why I didn't include those in this list).

Monitor All Stock Message Boards from One Location through BoardCentral (12/14/08)

In today's volatile market, investors have discovered the remarkable effect of a single message posted on a message board about a stock. It can drive a company's share price up significantly or can crash it down. By visiting different message boards, investors ask questions, post comments and communicate with each other, sharing the information commonly not available by any other means. With so many investors coming online daily, there is virtually unlimited information available that can help you produce outstanding profits. Partners with to Syndicate Premium Financial News and Research on Small and Micro Cap Companies (11/18/08)

Outcast, Inc. and BoardCentral Inc have entered into a content syndication partnership providing unique research, news and analysis of small and micro-cap stocks to visitors of's and numerous content syndication partners.

Social Media Sharply Influences Investment Decisions (05/11/08)

According to a study released today by Cogent Research, social media plays a rapidly growing and influential role in individual investors' financial decision-making.

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